Back & Spinal Cord Injuries

Back & Spinal Cord Injuries

Back & Spinal Cord Injuries Lawyer
In Fort Lauderdale, FL

If you have an accident and suffer a back or spinal cord injury, it can become permanent and devastating. The spinal cord is essential in controlling your sensation, strength and bodily functions. Over 300,000 Americans are living with spinal cord injuries and the leading cause of these injuries are automobile and motorcycle accidents. Other common causes of spinal cord injuries are slip and fall accidents, recreation/sports injuries, acts of violence, faulty products or medical procedures. These accident are often caused by the negligence or careless acts of another.

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If you are suffering from a back or spinal cord injury because of the negligence of another, DiStefano Law, LLC is here to help you with your case. We know that facing a serious spinal injury is devastating, expensive and complicated. We have the experience and skill to handle a complex spinal cord case. We will retain the best experts who will document and analyze the damages. We will use these expert reports and testimony to prove why you deserve the most compensation possible.

These compensable damages include: past and future medical expenses, loss of earning potential and/or cost of job retaining, home modifications, wheelchairs and other mobility aids, in-home healthcare, psychological care, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life.

Some symptoms of spinal cord injuries include: partial or complete paralysis, changes in strength, sensation or bodily control, muscle spasms, numbness or tingling, sexual dysfunction, breathing difficulty, bowel and/or bladder dysfunction, digestive issues, pan or intense sensation. These symptoms are serious and life-changing and require extensive medical treatment, which can be very expensive.

If you or a loved one has suffered a back or spinal cord injury due to another’s negligence, contact our office immediately. We will fight for your rights and get you the money you deserve.