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Fort Lauderdale, FL

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury or death due to the medical malpractice of a medical professional, you may need the assistance of an experienced attorney to help you with your claim. For as long as we can remember, we trust the doctor’s opinion and relied on their diagnosis and care to make us feel better. Unfortunately, not all diagnoses and treatment plans are accurate or implemented correctly. As a result, this can lead to a terrible injury or even death. Call Distefano Law, LLC today. We will help you in your time of need and fight for the compensation that you deserve.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare worker, doctor, or surgeon makes a mistake that injures or causes a death of a patient. A medical malpractice case will require three specific factors. 

Birth Injuries

Our attorneys understand that a birth injury is not only a physical drain on the family, but also a financial drain. When medical professionals fail to deliver babies safely, injuries can be severe and permanent. Often, such negligence causes lifelong damage, and sometimes requiring life long care.

Although birth injuries are not always lethal, they are always tragic. Whole families suffer along with the newborn.

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Thousands of elderly seniors are victims of nursing home abuse and neglect per year. The abuse and neglect on an elderly person can have devastating effects on their health and well-being. Both abuse and neglect can lead to serious injuries or even death. Because are loved ones are so vulnerable, the abuse and neglect in nursing homes are very common in Florida.