Defective & Damaged Tire Injury Accidents

Defective & Damaged Tire Injury Accidents

Defective & Damaged Tire Injury Accidents Attorney for
Fort Lauderdale, FL

A vehicle’s tires play a crucial role in a car’s safety. They are the only party of your car that touches the ground, so they affect a car’s handling, braking, and overall driving. A car’s tires that have no visible defects can be bad and exceptionally dangerous. Every major tire manufacturer including Bridgestone, Cooper, Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin, etc. have issued tire recalls. These recalls do not usually happen until a significant number of consumers have been injured or killed by defective tires. What’s shocking is that these manufacturers have known about some problems of these tires for years but failed to properly notify the public and failed to correct these defects because it saves them money even at the risk of their own customers. 

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Tire defects are commonly due to:

  • Belt to belt separation
  • Belt edge separation
  • Sudden loss of inflation pressure
  • Broken cords
  • Cracking
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Tire shredding
  • Traction failure

When a tire shreds or blows out, pieces of the tire can wrap around the wheel making control of the vehicle very difficulty. This can cause sharp turns, vehicle rollovers and serious injuries.

If you have suffered an injury due to an accident from a tire defect or blowout, you should do the following:

  • Make sure the tire, tire tread and tire rim are kep
  • Preserve the vehicle – do not repair, destroy, or sell
  • Obtain name and contact information from any witnesses
  • Take photographs of the vehicle, tire and scene
  • Get a copy of the police report

Failure to do any of the above in an efficient and timely manner may jeopardize your right to compensation for the manufacturer’s negligence in providing a defective tire.

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