Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

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Few people truly understand how it feels to lose a loved one due to someone else’s recklessness or negligence. Instead of being able to grieve, you are faced with urgent and difficulty questions about the circumstances of your loved one’s death. Let our compassionate and understanding attorneys stand by you and help you through this difficult tragedy. DiStefano Law, LLC has the experience and knowledge to bring justice to you and your family.

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While no amount of money could every be enough to compensate you for losing somebody you love, you may be entitled to recover money from those who are responsible for this tragic loss. For many families, this money will help ease the financial burden brought on by the sudden tragic loss. The person(s) who are held responsible for this negligence will be held accountable and have to pay for their negligent ways. This may cause them to rethink their negligent ways and prevent future injuries and future injuries and deaths for other families.

Wrongful deaths can be caused by a wide variety of incidents and accidents such as car accidents, defective products, slip and falls, inadequate security at an event, venue or parking lot, premises liability at hotels, bars, restaurants, or schools, medial malpractice, construction site accidents, airplane crashes, and other various accidents.

During the chaotic and stressful moments after the accident, it is vitally important that you gather all the information and proof that shows the fault of the person or company that was responsible for the death of your loved one.

There are two types of wrongful death claims – survivor claims and bystander claims. The survivor claims are for family members and dependants left behind after a wrongful death. The bystander claims are for the trauma inflicted when a family member is on the scene and is actually a witness to the loss of their loved one.

Family members are entitled to compensation for loss of support and benefits from the deceased, loss of companionship and protection, mental pain and suffering, lost companionship, instruction and/or guidance, medical and funeral expenses when paid by a survivor, lost job income, lost inheritance.

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