Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Accidents

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Florida is debatably the busiest state for pedestrians. Tourists arrive in their hundreds of thousands each year to add to the state’s already severe congestion problems. Despite the best efforts of cities to provide pedestrians with safe walkways and crossings, of all states in the country, Florida remains the one killing most of them. Sadly, all of them, down to the last one, are preventable.

Pedestrians have no protection against the sheer size and power of automobiles. Being in the way of a truck, car, or even a bicycle has serious repercussions for victims, many of which die on the road. Survivors endure the gravest injuries, often with lifelong consequences. From road burns to internal bleeding and broken necks, most of these injuries can maim and disable permanently.

Legal Protection for Pedestrians in Florida

Victims of pedestrian accidents face several enormous challenges. Hospital bills climb steadily. Many cannot work for several months of their recovery, losing vital income. Others are never able to work again, relying on home care for the rest of their lives. Suffering is immense, and it plunges entire families into financial debt, care obligations, and emotional dysfunction. Victims should not have to pay for this.


The law protects pedestrians injured by negligent drivers, as well as family members who lose loved ones to them. While those on foot should prioritize their safety in traffic, drivers must be aware of pedestrians and give right of way to them. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , 48 percent of pedestrian accidents involve drunk drivers. The rest are reckless in other ways.

Pedestrian accidents are always the result of someone’s negligence, most often the driver. Speeding, for example, is outright negligent under law . Those walking have an obligation to follow traffic rules, but drivers have a legal duty to know what is happening around their vehicles at all times. They must stop, look, and drive with the safety of others in mind. Failure to do so constitutes a breach of that duty.


Florida’s airports are busy. Millions of people pass through them every year. Vehicle and foot traffic is never compatible, and there are exceptionally high rates of both. Pedestrian accidents are very common at airports. People are forever rushing in and out of them, harried, distracted, and trying to make up time lost by flight and parking delays.

Pedestrian Crosswalks

Although most would consider crosswalks safe for pedestrians, they truth is that they are the complete opposite. Florida’s crosswalks are often lethal, particularly in places sharing high foot and car traffic. Wait for pedestrian lights to finish changing before crossing the road, and always try to cross in crowds of others where possible. Look to make sure it is safe before stepping out into the road.

Car Parks

Parking lots are dangerous for pedestrians. Visibility is bad for everyone, especially during the chaos of peak hours or under insufficient lighting. Pedestrians are vulnerable to suddenly opening doors, cars reversing from parking spaces, and even drivers hurrying to secure lots for themselves. Car parks require extra vigilance from pedestrians, as they are havens for distracted and inconsiderate drivers.

Pedestrian Sidewalks

Foot travelers should be safe on the sidewalk. Sadly, they are not. Reckless drivers frequently swerve onto the pavement, ploughing through law-abiding pedestrians using their designated sidewalk. In most of these cases, drivers are drunk. However, it also happens when drivers swerve to avoid oncoming hazards in their path, such as potholes, other cars, discarded rubbish, and even debris in the road.

Role of a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Florida

If hit by a careless driver, you have the right to claim compensation for your injuries. The driver may or may not carry sufficient insurance to cover your damages, but he or she is still liable to pay for your costs. Whether insurance is available or not, getting this money is not easy. Nobody ever wants to pay injury claims, and most are willing to use every legal resource and trick possible to avoid doing so.

Insurance adjusters will likely try to discredit your claim. They do this by questioning the severity of injuries, trying to get victims to admit fault, tricking people into signing misleading releases, and even denying responsibility outright. A personal injury attorney can handle this while you recover. He or she can protect your rights and fight for them in court, if necessary. Call today for a free initial consultation.