Construction Accidents

Construction Accidents

Construction Accidents Attorney for Fort Lauderdale, FL

Construction sites are dangerous places. Scaffolding accidents are common, and there is risk of fire, falling objects, electrical shock, and even explosions. Fatalities in this industry are shocking. Hundreds die every year and even more suffer grave injury. Companies have a legal duty to ensure a safe environment for every person on site, but unfortunately, accident rates remain unacceptably high.

Construction workers endure the worst types of injuries. From severe burns to spinal cord injuries, brain damage, multiple fractures, and frequent disability, there is simply no excuse for negligence. The law requires hard hats for everyone, and all workers must complete extensive job training. Companies must provide safety equipment and ensure adherence to all state and federal safety laws.

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Unfortunately, most construction companies have the resources to fight claims. They hire the best lawyers to discredit claimants, and rely on insurance adjusters to protect them from liability. You need concrete evidence of negligence to prove the company liable and an experienced lawyer of your own to help you avoid mistakes that could potentially harm your case.

Negligent Causes of Construction Accidents

Construction workers are in constant danger of explosions, flying objects, falling tools, collapsing scaffolding, live electricity, amputations, and even heavy machinery trapping them. Every worker must complete safety training and companies have a duty to employ qualified workers that attend annual safety events. There is no excuse for the deaths and injuries caused by these examples of negligence:

Flimsy Scaffolding

Construction companies build skyscrapers, bridges and other extremely high structures. They need scaffolding to work at these altitudes, and it must hold their combined weight without collapsing. Injuries are devastating, as falling scaffolding can topple workers from immense heights and crush anyone below. Someone is always liable if scaffolding fails safety standards.

Trapped Between Vehicles

Construction sites rely on enormous, heavy vehicles and machines to conduct their operations. If one shifts even slightly, it can trap workers and crush them. Many die . Others lose limbs and suffer permanent disfigurement or disability. Drivers must be aware of their surroundings at all times, and machines must be secure when workers maintain them.

Falling Objects

Hard hats are mandatory for a reason. Tools, bricks, and other sharp or heavy objects regularly fall on people’s heads, causing severe brain injuries, spinal cord fractures, and even death. Companies must instill a non-negotiable hardhat-wearing policy on site and provide safety nets or guardrails in high-risk areas to prevent these accidents from happening.

Live Electricity

Installing electrical systems is dangerous work. Construction companies may only employ qualified electricians with screened certifications. Unfortunately, too many accidents occur because of incorrect installation and live wires left lying about. Such negligence causes a fire risk, and with so many flammable gases and materials around, explosions kill and maim frequently.

Role of a Construction Accident Attorney in Florida

Dealing with aggressive legal teams trying to get you to admit fault can be overwhelming. Construction companies fight injury claims on a frequent basis. They can, and will, use any loophole they can find to avoid paying damages. Unfortunately, in the stress of coping with severe injuries or death, victims and their families fall prey to these tricks and end up receiving an unfair settlement.

Strict rules and regulations govern the construction industry, particularly on issues of workplace safety. This is an extremely complex branch of injury law. You have the right to litigate your case pro se, or on your own, but without the help of a lawyer, you may be at a distinct disadvantage against the knowledge and experience of adjusters and corporate legal teams.

A personal injury lawyer understands the tactics used to discredit workers and devalue claims. Having one to protect your rights will help you focus on recovery. He or she can investigate your case, gather evidence, and find valuable witnesses to prove liability. Construction companies should not get away with avoiding accountability for their workers. Call today to schedule a free initial consultation.